Meet the Cochwillan Agility Team


Mist - Jackscrofter Mist Rising over Cochwillan   DOB 27.05.09

Photo: Regina Zantboer (Saffie's owner) 


Jackscrofter Sapphire, Saffie, left, was the star of the family today winning 3rd in PB, thus qualifying to come and keep her sister company at Crufts 2011 - well done Saffie!

Jackscrofter the Woodsman, Woody Jnr., centre, is above all this showing malarky, but likes to come along and keep an eye on his sisters' performances.

Mist was pleased to meet Saffie and Woody again, along with both their owners and their breeder, who were all thoroughly washed at various times during the course of the day!

 There are a couple more pictures in the Gallery.

 Photo 17.02.10 Nearly 9 months


 Midlands Border Collie Club Ch Show, Feb 2010 - Mist was 3rd in Puppy Bitch, thus qualifying for crufts 2011. I bet she can't wait!!! 


Video of Chase and Mist Playing 10.04.2010


Please excuse Katja barking behind the gate behind me. If I let her out she and Mist start to play and Chase just watches. If I remove Mist, Katja and Chase will play, but always only two play at a time. Why?

Della of course, has nothing to do with any of them!

Mist - 13 weeks

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