Meet the Cochwillan Agility Team


YMDTS OpenAgility Show May 7th 2011





Katja, Chase and Mist are all measured "Large" for agility. All Three were entered in the YMDTS KC Open Agility Show on May7th. Katja was the star of the day, winning a "Clear Round" Rosette for jumping. She cleared the course in 43 seconds - the maximum course time being 45 seconds - phew, as usual she put in just as much effort as she absolutely had to, and hardly any to spare!

Chase jumped in 35 seconds, but was let down by his handler when I slipped on the wet grass just as we approached the weave. Chase was thrown off-course by my flailing limbs and missed the weave entry, so was eliminated. Sorry, Chase! 

 Mist jumped the course in a brilliant 24 seconds - but picked up 10 faults for knocking off two poles.

 In agility all three were eliminated. Katja for messing up the weaves (which she negotiated perfectly in the jumping class); Mist for making up her own course as she often does in her exhuberance; and Chase would have just picked up 5 faults for a missed contact, but I got him eliminated because I ran my three in the wrong running order. By the end of the day Chase must have been quite cheesed off with my perfomance.  I promise to try harder for him at the next show!

 All in all we had a fabulous time - great fun for dogs and handlers, sporting competition and a few tumbles and laughs along the way to keep everyone amused!

 The show gave me much food for thought, and I have specific things to work on with Katja and Mist. Chase considers me to be his "Work in Progress"!


Chase and Mist took part in the PODS Fun Agility Show in early March 2011.




 In jumping Mist entered "Nursery"; classes for dogs who have never entered an Open Agility Show; and Chase entered "School" for dogs who have entered an Open Agility show in the past.

 Mist ran her first jumping round clear in 18 seconds (Course time 60 secs), and her second run clear in just 16 seconds to win the Nursery Jumping class! Chase also did well, coming 3rd in the School Jumping Class, completing the course in 27 seconds.

 Pictures above of the two of them with their first ever agility rosettes!

 Neither were placed in their respected Agility courses, Chase got 5 faults for missing the contact as he left the A-Frame in both runs - something we need to work on - but he did run the course in a reasonable time. Mist also picked up faults, in her case for missing a tunnel in the first run, and for making up her own course on her second attempt!

 Considering that Mist was just learning the contacts with us leading her up the A-Frame and see-saw on a harness in early February, I was delighted that she was ready to take part in a full course including contacts, so was not expecting too much. There was no weave in the Nursery class either - just as well, as Mist hasn't mastered that at all yet. But watch this space - she's working on it!!!

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